Pond5 Revolutionizes Photo-Stock Industry With Smart Visual Algorithms

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If you are a digital content creator, be it video footage, photos, music or 3d models and effects, you know how time consuming the busywork of adding tags, descriptions and other necessary meta information to your content can be.

On the other hand, people who search for content really require this information and suffer from a similar issue of trying to describe most accurately what they need and then going through thousands and thousands of options, many of which are just not relevant.

This has been a long time issue of the $13 billion photo-industry, because none of the stock agencies, it seems, wanted to innovate and kept things the way they were. Until today - today Pond5 announced that they are going to be the first to launch next-generation algorithms, that borderline with artificial intelligence, to analyze videos, sounds and photos.

For content creators, this brings some relief to the tedious process of manually entering keywords, as now the system will give super-specialized suggestions automatically.

For buyers, this means they can find media best suited for their needs faster and easier than ever.

And to make all this possible there are two systems being implemented:

1) NextSense: Auto-tagging, image-recognition, software-based tool analyzes videos and images to generate the best possible keywords for media content.

2) Visual Discovery: Anticipates what a user wants to see based on keywords, visual similarity, and trends from the collective community.

This is great news, as now creators can do more of what they do best – create. And these smart algorithms will ensure that their content is searchable and sells well.

Also, Pond5 started offering memberships packages: members are asked to pay monthly/annual fee of $49/$349 for pro membership or $89/$599 for premium.

They both offer access to a selection of 200,000 videos with the possibility of downloading 5 (for pro) or 10 (for premium) of them a month and 10% discount for all other content available on Pond5, which has a staggering number of 4 million clips. But whereas Pro subscription only allows you to download chosen HD content, Premium also features the possibility of downloading 4k footage, 200,000 images and 5,000 music and SFX files.

The "Membership Content" quality seems is not good yet at least not for all main keywords. Even if for the few keywords there were some "OK" clips, most of them had low selling content, and it must be that the author gets minimal compensation on these new membership downloads.

In the meantime, you can read more about Pond5's pricing, ease of use and other information in our review.


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