Pond5 Review

ShadowPond5 Review

If you are looking for a powerhouse micro stock that is dedicated to video media than Pond5 is it. Pond5 specializes in video clips, music, sound effects, after effects, images and even 3D models. What drew me to Pond5 initially was all the positive feedback I had heard from other contributors regarding their very successful sales, and I was not disappointed. Actually, I found that Pond5 sells footage media almost as well as Shutterstock.com (Review) (which I consider to be a leader in the micro stock industry). Moreover, Pond5 offers fair contributor compensation (50% of the selling price goes back to the contributor) and allows the contributor to set their own prices on the media they submit - so, if you feel that your footage deserves a price tag of $60, then you set it at $60 and sit back and collect $30 each time the video sells!.

Growing seeds (30+ downloads)

Of course, the success of any micro stock depends on its client base, and thanks to Pond5’s great reputation, there is no shortage of clients waiting to buy quality video media. I like Pond5My personal experience with creating and selling video is based almost entirely on time-lapse photography/footage. I have found this area to be interesting and valuable. In time-lapse photography the frequency at which the film frames are captured are much slower than that used to view the sequence and therefore, when it is played at normal speed time appears to be moving faster or “lapsing”. This technique gives you an opportunity to see something that would normally take a really long time to occur (like watching a flower bloom or fog dissipate) happen right before your eyes in a matter of minutes or seconds - it is absolutely amazing.

Want to know how much it is possible to earn? Here is my income report of 2009-2016

So why do I like Pond5 so much?

First of all the very high contributor commission of 50%, the ability to define your own media price, a low payout minimum of $25, a high acceptance rate (I have submitted 124 different video footages and all have been accepted) and the fast review time. These factors, in conjunction with my orientation on time-lapse footage, makes Pond5 my second favorite micro stock (Shutterstock.com (Review) is still number one in my books). I have yet to try uploading images, but I am hoping for the same level of success that I have achieved with my footage media.

So, try Pond5, I think you will be as impressed as I am!

Pond5 Details

Contributor rate50%
Image sizeMinimum 2.0 MP
Minimum payout$25
Referral program5% of sales and purchases for 1 year
Media acceptedVideo, Photo, Illustration, Music, SFX, After Effects, 3D Models, PSD Templates
LicensesRoyalty Free
Payment methodsPayPal, MoneyBookers, Cheque

1 credit = $1


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  1. lemmiwinkslemmiwinks01-26-2016

    Hi, I read your review and rushed to the site to create an account. When I actually wanted to upload files I was given this rather discouraging message: “Due to upload volume, artists are experiencing unusually long wait times for content approval. Currently our average wait time is over 2 months. We are working on shortening this wait time and we appreciate your patience.”… A pretty big deal-breaker if you ask me…

    • Hi, yes – Pond5 is having troubles with review time at the moment, but it newer has been fast. Usually it took some 2-4 weeks. Getting revenue by selling media anyway is a long term process. Just upload on Shutterstock meanwhile, create more stuff and continue to upload. Each next file will have about same delay so the time will come when your files will be approved frequently. Good luck with sales!

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